What my clients are saying..... 

I recently completed the 7 week one on one grief support with Bethann McIntosh. I knew when I signed up that this was not going to be easy, but that I was in the best hands possible to face something so incredibly difficult. 


The course was well organized. The directions given throughout the course were clear. There was reasonable time given to complete the homework. I felt fully supported every day even if we weren't in contact each day. I feel working with Bethann with such deep work was absolutely needed. I felt I could show up and give my best without feeling like I had to put on a brave face or pretend that I wasn't in physical and emotional pain with what we had to work on. 


There were times I was not sure I could handle facing my loss and deep grief, but I looked forward to the day of our appointment just so I could see her face knowing we would move this healing forward. There were times when I felt stuck and she was right there with the answers. What I like best about working with Bethann is that she tells you how it is and not what you want to hear, she's always there for you and she's so compassionate and understanding. 


I am grateful for the life long tools I have to move through grief and the connection with Bethann. I highly recommend her.

~Hope Taylor

I came to Journey of The Heart to help me process the sudden loss of my 47 year old husband. Bethann was phenomenal, helping me do the work and guiding me as I found my way. I came fearful of my new and unexpected life. I finished confident that I have the tools to live fully along my journey. 


I highly recommend working with Bethann through this process.  Bethann was amazing and helped me through the hardest time in my life.  No one can prepare for the loss of a parent and the help Bethann provided me was exactly what I needed to be happy again.  She listened without judgement, shared her own stories and guided me through my loss with a program that just "made sense to me". The first step is admitting you need help, don't be ashamed, it's OK if you are scared, but take the step to go through this journey.  You won't regret it and you will have the chance to be yourself again and the tools you will need going forward to be happy!


I started the program trying to decide if I was going to file for divorce. Through the process, I identified some unresolved issues in my childhood. I did the work on my step mom and my relationship with her. Through the process, I realized how much she has affected my marriage and relationship with others. I am now continuing the program and doing the work on my husband in hopes of saving my marriage. Bethann was compassionate and professional. She also held me accountable and made me do the hard work. I would truly recommend this for anyone even if they feel they don't have a lot of grief!


You were a wonderful facilitator patiently guiding me through the process even when I was quite stubborn. Thank you, thank you for supporting me with such care. 



I now feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me. I was also able to start a healthy dialogue with person who the program was based on.

I have had the privilege of knowing Bethann McIntosh for over a decade now, but it wasn’t until I went through the Grief Recovery program with her that I realized to what level of amazing this woman is.  I had known about the program for at least a year or more and never thought that I needed it in my life.  In my defense when I thought of Grief Recovery, I thought that it meant that you had to have lost someone to death.  After hearing Bethann share her story at a First Responders Conference I realized that grief comes in many forms and that I needed to face mine head on.


It was at this time that I reached out to Bethann.  Like I said I’ve known her for many years and knew that she was offering this program.  I’m sure she knew that I needed it, but never once did she push it on me.  She waited until I was ready and then she was there with open arms to embrace me through the entire journey from beginning to end.  


There were many times throughout my Grief Recovery journey that I struggled with some of the realizations that I was facing.  Never once did Bethann say that she was too busy (outside of my scheduled hours!!) to listen to me and to explain that what I was feeling was normal nor did she not take the time to just listen to me.  Bethann listened to me without judgement, laughed with me, cried with me but most importantly was there with me until the end of the program.  I think it was just as important to her that I complete the program and get everything that I could out of it as it was to me.  


 I know that I had a friend in Bethann before I started the Grief Recovery program, but I feel like I have an even closer relationship with her now.  I know that because of Bethann, I can face more things with a clear heart (that she helped me to discover again) and my life is on a much happier path than it was before I completed the Grief Recovery program.  I could not have done that without Bethann by my side encouraging me and being there for me every step of the way.