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Connecting with Spirit

Being a Psychic Medium, I have to ability to help grievers connect with their loved ones in a special and meaningful way. 

Giving my clients evidence that their loved one is always with them as well as loving messages to hold close to their hearts, allows them to continue on their healing journey.

One on One Mediumship Reading 

30 min or 45 Min

Group of 6 to 8 Mediumship




I had a mediumship reading with Bethann  in July . It was amazing to watch her bring loved ones messages through. My reading was so accurate down to the picture on the nightstand. I am looking forward to having another reading soon. I highly recommend her services. This brings so much peace to your soul.

Kelly B.

Upon meeting Bethann, I sensed there was something very unique about her. She exuded a wonderful and bright energy  that makes you feel as if you have  known a person your entire life. I admire how she turned her life struggles into  very powerful and meaningful tools to help others. Today, I was able to experience  her ability to connect with spirit. Her messages provided me with guidance, validation and comfort. I would strongly recommend Beth's abilities to anyone that is seeking the comfort of messages from loved ones who have passed. You won't be disappointed and will be sure to make an instant friendship as an added bonus!


My reading with Bethann was unlike any reading I’ve had before.  She connected with me and my father with such love,  compassion and accuracy.  After my reading I felt such a sense of peace and  understanding in the knowing that my loved ones are with me in an intimate and accessible way.  I am very grateful for my time with Bethann and referred my friends to her, and will return for future readings!